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Youth Chicken Show

Chair --

Division: 2907

Open Junior Chicken Show

Saturday    2:00pm


Premiums Offered: $250


A.  The Show shall be open only to youth who are at least 4 years old.

B.  All Poultry may begin arriving after 1:00pm and must be on the Fair Grounds by 1:45pm.

C. CheckIn will be from 1:00pm--2:00pm.

D.All entries will be subject to an onsitehealth check by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. Any bird appearing sick or infested with parasites, dirty plumage, overgrown spurs, etc, will not

be allowed to participate in the show and must be removed from the fairgrounds.

E. Some cages will be provided; however cage space is not guaranteed. For large birds (over 18 inches tall) exhibitors should bring their own cages. Exhibitor provided cages shall not exceed 30” tall.

F. Waterers and feeders will be provided in the provided cages.

G. Exhibitors using their own cages should bring waterers and feeders for those cages.

  H. Exhibitors shall have no more than four (4) entries each.


I. There will be four Showmanship divisions by age, Beginner (4 - 6 years old), Intermediate (7-8 years old), Junior (9-13 years old) and Senior (14- 18 year olds).


J. Competitive classes will be setup as follows using American Poultry Association rules as a general guide:

a. Class (Ex. American, Asiatic, Continental, etc.)

b. Breed: (Ex. Dominique, Cochin, Marans, Australorp,etc.)

c. All varieties of each breed will be in one class


K. Awards and Premiums will be as follows:

a. Breed classes:

Placed 1st - 5th

Premiums for 1st–5th place $5, $4, $3, $3, $3

First and/or second place competes for Class Champion and Reserve


b. Class Champion and Reserve Champion. Premium $15, $10 and rosettes. Competes for Best of Show.

c. Best of Show. Premium $25 and rosette


L. Birds shall be judged according to industry breed standards.


M. Please read Livestock General Rules for registration, parking and admission to livestock area


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