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Youth Livestock Show        General Rules

  • The Livestock General Rules, as well as the GENERAL RULES for the 2019 Autauga County Fair apply to all livestock shows. Rules specific to individual shows follow this page and appear on a separate page along with the Class Schedule for that show.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to read and comply with all rules of the Autauga County Fair.
  • All rules for the Autauga County Fair are subject to be amended when deemed necessary by Fair Management. The decision of Fair Management will be final.
  • To be eligible to participate in Autauga County Fair Youth Livestock Shows, the exhibitor must be no more than 18 years of age the day of show. Eligible exhibitors must be a resident of Alabama. Minimum ages vary by show and will be specified in the individual show rules.
  • ALL animals exhibited at the Autauga County Fair shall be notched, tagged or tattooed according to current Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries & USDA rules and regulations. Please contact the State Veterinarian’s Office for more information.
  • Entry Forms MUST include a State Premise ID number. This is a seven digit alphanumeric number sent to you by the AL Dept. of Agriculture & Industries after you register your farm.  A FREE downloadable form is available at
  • Any exhibitor, or owner, in any way involved in showing a fraudulent entry shall forfeit all prize money won by himself or his farm and will be barred from future participation in any show at the Autauga County Fair.
  • All Rules and Registration Forms are available on our website; www.AutaugaCountyFair .This website has a link to our Online Registration website which you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to use.
  • We request that manually completed Livestock Show Registration Forms be postmarked by Tuesday, October1, 2018 and mailed to Autauga County Fair, ATTN: Livestock Shows, PO Box 680267, Prattville, AL 36068-0267. They may also be emailed to
  • Exhibitors and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) agree that there are certain inherent risks associated with participation in a show where animals from other farms are present. While the Autauga County Fair shall use its best efforts to reduce these risks, Exhibitors and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) by registering for and participating in Autauga County Fair events agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Autauga County Fair and City of Prattville for damages that occur while participating in the Autauga County Fair.
  • The Livestock Show is a free event.  For each paid and registered animal a ticket to the Fairgrounds will be given (a $3 value each).  Your ticket(s) will be held in an envelope with your name at the Fair Entrance Ticket booth.  Give your name and address to receive.
  • No pass or ticket required for anyone under 36 inches tall.
  • General Admission tickets are available at the gate the day of show
  • Exhibitors, non-exhibiting siblings and/or parents wishing to ride the rides must have General Admission Ticket.
  • Only vehicles transporting livestock will be permitted in the Livestock Show parking area. Due to limited parking space all vehicles, other than those hauling livestock, must park in the public parking area and enter at the Main Entrance. The Fair opens at 5:00 daily and at 12:00 PM on Saturday.
  • Generators are recommended.
  • The Base Date for all shows with age based classes will be the date of that show.
  • All animals are exhibited at Owner’s Risk. Exhibitors are responsible for feed and care of their animals.
  • Exhibitors must show their own animal unless that Exhibitor has more than one entry in a Class. Another registered exhibitor may help an Exhibitor with more than one entry in a Class.
  • In the event an Exhibitor is injured or becomes sick, either at the Fair or within a reasonable time before the Fair where the Exhibitor is already registered and fees paid, another immediate family member that meets age requirements of the show or another registered exhibitor at that show may show the injured or sick Exhibitors’ animals. Premiums and Ribbons remain with the original exhibitor.
  • Animals are to be shown in their natural confirmation. Any surgical procedure, injection or application, of any substance that could affect the animal’s performance or alter the natural contour, confirmation, or appearance, is prohibited.
  • At the discretion of Show Superintendent, Fair Management, or the Judge, Classes deemed to be too large, will be divided into Sub-Classes (Heats) of as equal number as possible. Top 5 in each heat will be brought back for class placing. Those not in the top 5 in a heat will receive a Participation ribbon.
  • Any animal showing signs of contagious disease will be excused from participation.
  • No inhumane treatment of animals will be allowed (i.e. slapping, kneeing, etc.)
  • At the Judge’s discretion, animals that are unruly and not under the control of the exhibitor or are a disruption to the show, the judge, other exhibitors and/or animals will be excused from the show ring.
  • There will be no food preparation of any kind in or around the Livestock Show Tent.
  • Animals will be released after the show.
  • Animals cannot be left overnight.
  • Entry fees and Premiums for the Autauga County Youth Livestock Show are detailed in the Show Rules.
  • Any individual that becomes belligerent toward a show official or another participant shall be asked to leave the premises. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Any situation not covered by these rules, will be ruled on by the Show Superintendent and/or Fair Management.  All decisions, by the Show Superintendent and/or Fair Management are FINAL.



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